Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Growth Gallery

We own 5 pacifiers for Samuel....sure, not a lot, but enough right? Wrong. I've checked everywhere: the floor, the couch, the diaper bag, my purse, Samuel's crib, the dishwasher, his carseat.... The pacifiers in my house remain as elusive as a sock to a matching pair. The only pacifier that ALWAYS remains is a pink pacifier. Yes. Pink. We were given the pink pacifier by the hospital and I thought, "Hey! We can use this as an emergency backup pacifier or we can leave it at Grammie and PopUps house in case we need one there."'s been a more frequent companion for Samuel than I had ever anticipated. I always seem to forget to buy another package of pacifiers when we go to Walmart.
This poor kid is going to have a complex....a lilac Bumbo, a pink pacifier....what next?

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  1. OMG Sarah! Precious precious pictures! Love them! :)