Thursday, October 14, 2010

Early Morning

Samuel was awake this morning. At 5am. Eesh. He began fussing around 4 so I gave him his bottle and then held him up for an hour (which as you know, I do because of his reflux.) When I put him down in his crib, his eyes popped open and he gave me a HUGE grin. Uh huh. I turned the light out and crawled back in bed....I could hear him 'talking' in his crib, which was fine, until he decided he needed company. So about twenty minutes later, I got out of bed and we made camp in the living room.For the most part, the whole sleep-situation has improved. He usually falls asleep around 7pm - sleeps deeply until about 3am - then fusses off and on until about 6 or 7, when we get up for the day. The ACH nutritionist gave me permission to let him sleep until he fusses or cries from hunger. That's about 3 and a half to 4 hours. We were setting our alarm before now. I think the reason she gave us permission to let him sleep a little longer is because of how great he is doing with his weight gain right now. I'm ready for the day we can let him sleep 5 or 6 hours at a time. Our schedule goes like this:
9pm - Bottle
12am - Bottle
3 or 4am - Bottle
7am - Bottle - Good Morning!

Samuel had his 6 month check-up today with his local primary care physician. He weighed 11lbs 3oz! I think the scale at their office is a bit generous....but we will take it! The doctor felt like he was on track developmentally for his adjusted age.
He also got his first flu shot of the season and all of his 6 month vaccinations. I REALLY don't like vaccines. I never have. They creep me out and I always have this nagging feeling like they are dangerous. I know that's the 'uneducated' way to think....but I can't help it. I've almost refused the shots several times but I always end up giving in when I think about how AWFUL I would feel if he did get sick. As you can imagine, Samuel doesn't appreciate the shots either. After the nurses stuck him, he bawled and bawled. When I finally got him calmed down, the nurses began talking to him..."You're ok. Did that hurt?"....and his lip immediately curled down. He began bawling again.
The nurse practitioner at ACH called me today to tell me that they WON'T do surgery on Samuel's hydroceles (unless they are still there in 6 months.) Yay! I also got a call from the ENT doctor and they said that he may outgrow the vocal cord damage. Yay!

For the last week, every time I take the oxygen off Samuel he begins to cry. I'm wondering if the cannula gives him a feeling of security. Maybe he's just used to it? After a few minutes of crying, he is asleep. When he sleeps, he requires more oxygen.....his monitor begins alarming and the predicament begins. Do I try to put the cannula back on him? Because that's sure to wake him up. I can't leave it off him because he keeps desating. I've tried opting for a method called 'blow-by oxygen.' I take off the cannula part of the oxygen tubing, turn up the oxygen as high as it will go on the machine, and then point the tubing in the general direction of his face. It works while he naps so long as he doesn't move around. If he moves, I have to reposition the tubing. I keep thinking that if I force him to keep the cannula off, he will get used to the bare-face-feeling (and hopefully the absence of the pressure will allow his little cheeks to fill in under his eyes.)
I'm trying to decide if I'm going to get Samuel a Halloween outfit. I have two onesies that are appropriate - one with a pumpkin face and one that says "This IS my costume." Part of me wants to go all-out for his first Halloween.....get him all dressed up and take a load of pictures. But what should I dress him as? Then the other part of me is practical - no one is going to see him...he can't even leave the house. Do I really want to spend money on something that he will wear only once and only around the house? I can't decide. Thoughts anyone?

Samuel is all about cooing right now. He's been making a lot of noise the last two days. No consonants...just vowels. He likes to talk to me and he especially likes to talk to the tv. The Baby Einstein episodes I've been playing for him are a big hit. As much as he likes them, I don't let him watch more than 20 minutes or so. I'd like to think that playing with me is more interesting and interactive for him.

This morning Samuel was rolling like a champ - only to one side though. I think that's normal....? He will push all the way up, lean to the left, and then tumble over. Whether it's intentional or accidental, I'm happy.

Sitting is coming along nicely.....


  1. So good to get these updates! Don't forget that you can stagger Samuel's vaccines. You don't have to have more than one at a time if you're uncomfortable! It's your prerogative : )

    I miss you so much Sarah! I'd love to come by some time and see Samuel, but I'm almost afraid to after I've been surrounded by other children all day who very generously share their germs...

  2. Sarah, Samuel looks awesome! You and Michael are doing a great job. Miss seeing you at school but know Samuel needs you way more. I'd have made the same decision. Can't wait till I have a chance to meet him in person....maybe after all the flu and cold season stuff is over. Love coming to find new pics! Keeping in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Sarah,
    1) If speed were legal, and it didn't hurt you at all, I would find some for you so that you wouldn't have to sleep.
    2) I think that putting Samuel in a costume is one of the most impractical things you could do. it makes no sense whatsoever. But, does Santa Clause? I don't think so. You should dress him up, take pictures, and smile. He will one day say, "Mom? why did you do that?" And you can tell him, "Because this guy from college said that I should... Yeah, it was silly, but it made me smile." At that time, you are welcome to have him give me a call to verify that his mother is telling the truth. I will say in my "Grown Man Voice" 'Yes Samuel, it was I that was responsible for the funny costume'. See, you won't have to take responsibility for it at all!
    3) These are some great pictures, and I think that you are probably right about the cannula. It's probably like someone removing your nostrils after you've had them for 24 years. I think I would cry initially, but eventually I would realize that nostrils just get in the way. Especially when trying to blow my nose.
    4) Have a wonderful day Sarah, and enjoy each catnap as it comes.

  4. Vaccines make us nervous too. I had all his shots up to ayear and I told the dr i DIDN'T feel comfortable going on and se we stopped there. It was a good thing because when he did get them at age 4 he had a terrible reaction. Can't imagine what that would have looked like if I had given those one year shots to my preemies body.

  5. Sarah, You're doing great. You're a wonderful mommy. (and Michael is an awesome daddy) Samuel is very lucky to have you two for his parents.

  6. Sarah, Samuel is sooooo cute!! You and Mike are such great parents, and I'm not even there to see you two at work! But I do see Samuel and I know he's already such a blessing to your lives!! Thanks so much for posting the photos!! Lynne