Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off Day

Day 118
Weight: 5 lbs 2 oz

The eye exam didn't go as well as I would have liked - although it wasn't REALLY bad either. Samuel is at stage 1 of retinopathy - at this point it doesn't require surgery but we really need it not to progress any further. We will pray for normal eye development. His next eye has been scheduled for next week.

Samuel has had a rough day. He has been dropping his heartrate off an on throughout the day. Is it reflux? Did the eye drops from the eye exam cause it? Is he getting sick? Did he breathe in milk? He seemed to be doing better tonight than he did during the day.

He is once again taking all of his bottles - we just want that to continue. They will stop bottle feeding tomorrow night in preparation for his surgery on Thursday.

The nurse mentioned that his x-ray didn't look great on Monday. No one has mentioned it to me. I guess I'll be asking the doctor about that tomorrow. His CO2 on Monday was 52. Hasn't come down in the last two weeks....

Samuel hasn't been gaining weight. Maybe tomorrow we will have better results.

So it's been a blah day. I was hoping for some better news, but at least it wasn't BAD news. Praying that Samuel hasn't aspirated, that he isn't refluxing, that he will continue taking his bottles, that his surgery will go well, that he will have good nurses the next couple of days.....

I'd like to go home soon.


  1. Sarah we love ya...praying lots...not sleeping much either....want thursday behind us...expecting greater things then we have even ask for...and giving God the Glory and Praise in advance

  2. Sending all my love and prayers to you. We want you to go home and be a happy family soon. We are surrounding Samuel with prayers and blessings and trusting God to do all that we ask and much, much more. Love you Sweet Sarah!!

  3. So close and then to have things not go really well. Here's a hug for you. Praying for little Samuel also.