Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eyes Again

Day 117
Weight: 5 lbs 2 oz

Samuel has been on and off with his bottles. One day he wants it and another day he fights about it. It seems like he does better while I'm there with him - but I have to sleep sometime! Dr. Arrington added the extra calories back to Samuel's milk today since he stopped gaining weight. They also increased the Simply Thick once again.

Tomorrow Samuel will have an eye exam around noon. It should be one of the last ones that he has to have. We are praying that his eyes show normal development (as always.)

The surgery on Samuel's inguinal hernia is coming quickly. I don't have an official time-frame yet though. Apparently they will put in an iv on Wednesday night - and stop feeds around midnight. I'm guessing that the actual surgery will be sometime Thursday morning.

More to come later.....


  1. Prayers that all goes well. You are so close to having him home.

  2. Continuing to pray for Samuel! I can't wait to get to see him again, especially now that he's grown so much! Much love!

  3. I just love this precious little baby!! What a journey it has been to watch him grow and improve. I continue to pray for him and for you guys! Thanks for sharing him with all of us. He is SOOOOO CUTE!!!