Saturday, May 1, 2010

Two Steps Back, One Leap Forward?

Today will be a big day for Samuel....

His vital signs (specifically the amount of oxygen in his body) continues to be unstable. After two days of constant fluctuation, the nurse practitioner had to increase one of his ventilator settings. We had hoped that it would have stabilized Samuel - and it did help some - but we are having to try something else.

Since the steroids, Samuel has been breathing over the ventilator. The ventilator that he is on sometimes irritates babies because it shakes their body with all of the little breaths. The doctor thinks that he might do better if they tried switching him to the conventional ventilator. They will attempt that today. I'm VERY nervous about switching him but it's a necessary step.

If he tolerates the switch, the doctors may begin another round of steroids tomorrow and try to have him off the ventilator for good by Monday. I really pray this works. They are using the more mild steroid currently. If this doesn't work, they may end up using a stronger/potentially more harmful steroid later.

Prayers are appreciate.....
Hoping for a good day.


  1. Our prayers are with you. We are lifting Samuel up during this stressful time. Lord bless Samuel and the doctors over seeing his care. We love you all.

  2. Praying for Samuel and that he will be able to tolerate the new vent.

  3. Praising God for each and every improvement! We're continuing to pray Samuel will adjust well to the new vent. Also thanking God for the doctors/nurses who are working with him.

  4. We've been praying for a smooth transition today for Samuel! God strengthen him & calm him to work with this change! Can't wait for you to hear the great things God is doing at Abbott Baptist for you & Michael & Samuel! God is taking care of the littliest to the biggest! Thank you for the updates! Tell Samuel Mackimlee & I are still praying! We love y'all! Kim

  5. Presistence in prayer. Thanking God for his good plans, but it is a walk one step at a time. We are all with you in spirit.

  6. Sending you all my love and prayers all the time. I haven't been on much lately, but was getting worried when I didn't see any updates. Lord, grant Samuel and Sarah strength, peace and healing. Keep Your hand upon them and cover them with Your love and let them feel Your presence at all times. Amen.