Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 Months

Day 62
Weight: 2 lbs 14 oz

Happy two months to Samuel! Really, I like to say that he is -8 weeks old right now. When we get to July 4th he can start at week 0.
Samuel's CO2 this morning was 55. It's not great - but good enough to stay with only .5 liters of flow going into his nasal cannula. I'm thankful for that! The nurses for the last few days say that he hasn't been desating (dropping his oxygen level) or heart rate at all!
His urine output and stools have slowed because of the decrease in diuretics. We are STILL praying for wet and dirty diapers! Goodness....I wonder if this kid is ever going to get some privacy with that. haha. On top of this, they decided to discontinue his ::ahem:: enemas to see if he can make a dirty diaper without any help.
It's amazing that there is very little going on right now with Samuel. The doctors don't have many orders after they make rounds....and Samuel's nurse is being shared with another baby (meaning he's a big boy, but he gets half of the attention that he's used to.)
It was great to see Samuel after being away for a few days. He looks so much bigger! He's so beautiful! I couldn't help but laugh when I saw him...he's only gained a few ounces, but you wouldn't believe the difference! If only he would start gaining several ounces each day....

MOMMMM!!! Get the light out of my face....I'm trying to sleep!

How far we've come:

  • No ventilator!!!!
  • No blood pressure medicine
  • No abdominal tube
  • No chest tube
  • Kidneys are working
  • No antibiotics
  • He sucks his pacifier (very good sign)
  • Gained a total of 1 lb 5 oz since birth
  • Not getting nitric oxide

What we have left:

  • Chronic lung disease to heal
  • CO2 to come down into the 40s and stay there
  • Get off oxygen
  • Get off diuretics (pee on his own)
  • Not need enemas (trying that now)
  • Weight gain (at least three more pounds)
  • Feed into the stomach (right now we are feeding into the intestines) then eventually not need feeding tubes at all!
  • Continue having good eye exams until we go home
  • Continue having good head ultrasounds until we go home
  • There is a risk for another bowel perforation for the next few weeks


  1. So glad to hear positive steps...

  2. To see where God has brought Samuel from, I have NO doubt that HE will continue to carry him through! Oh, and Happy 2 month birthday Samuel (yesterday)!

  3. Sarah he is just beautiful...each day is a day of thankfulness and joy and the fact that we know the Maker of all creation it just puts me in ya are such a great MOM.

  4. Sarah, We continue to deep you in our thoughts and prayers. Saw the Stars debut last night. I had to DVR it because no one told me it was going to happen! You looked beautiful and he looked so good too. I know he's the most beautiful baby that you have ever seen. :)It is protected so that it doesn't accidentally get erased just in case you might not have gotten to see it or record it. :) If you need maybe we can find a way to get it off my dvr for you to keep. Love you.

  5. Sarah... I am continuing to pray for your list to come to pass. I love the way you list all of the needs. I am always asking for above and beyound all that we can ask or think. Expecting and so thankful to see the goodness of God.