Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pretty Baby

I can't believe how quickly the good days fly by! If only I could stretch them out and make them last longer! We've had another fairly stable day today. His oxygen levels this afternoon are all over the place - but part of that is because Samuel will absolutely not stay still. He's been looking around, kicking his feet, moving his arms.....he's a wild man. Ordinarily I would feel that this is a good thing - but the extra movement causes him not to rest and get well. It also causes him to burn calories (counter-productive to gaining weight like he needs.)
Today we are just a hair lower on the oxygen - 33%. I know I'm driving the nurse crazy by asking her the same questions over and over again. How does Samuel ever recover from all of these lung issues if the ventilator causes a lot of damage? How does he ever come off the ventilator? How do we get him lower on the settings? I keep getting told that it's up to Samuel when he comes off. When he gets bigger and his body matures, he should be able to make the transition. The doctor who is on call this week is also considering giving him some steroids to help his lungs mature a little quicker.
The nurses are still thrilled with his poopy diapers. They really feel that it is a good sign and think that feeding him is on the horizon. They are waiting for the antibiotics to finish before they try it though. That means at least 6 more days....
Samuel's color is so much better today. He looks like a baby...that's a little weird to say....but in the past he's either looked grey (from being so sick) or red (from the blood transfusions.)
I was able to put my hands around him today to help him calm down. It was great to be able to hold him....not in my arms.....but to be able to touch him. He is so very sensitive that I can't do it often, but it's a good sign that he is getting better at tolerating stimulation.
The doctor on call is very cautious about moving forward too quickly - which is good and bad. I wish we could just get to the next step but it's also good that we don't' rush him when he isn't ready. The doctor is very sweet and takes a lot of time to explain things to me (did I tell you that I'm now an expert at neonatology?)
Praying for a restful night tonight for Samuel. Calming down is very important at the moment. If we can get him oxygenating better, they can turn down one of his ventilator settings (since his lungs are still over expanded.)


  1. Sarah.. It is so good hear of good days and you celebrating your son. I praise God for more good days. I am in agreement with you praying for this little man and his mommy to get peaceful healing rest tonight. Thank you LORD that you have a good plan and your will be done.

  2. Sarah, I am so glad Samuel had a good day! Can Samuel tolerate soft, soothing music? That and a tape recording of my mom's voice always helped calm my baby brother when he was restless and she could not be there. One of his favorites actually was a music box given to him/mom with the tune to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Just want to let you know we are continuing in our thoughts and prayers. I have a friend that asks about Samuel everytime I see her. I hope you don't mind that I gave her your blog address. She's got Samuel in her prayers as well.

  3. Sarah I love the excitement I can hear in your words! I know God is in control & we are continuing to pray for Samuel & his growth is just around the corner! I know you are blogging, but something tells me you should be journaling as much as you can think too. To reflect & to someday be helpful for other parents that may not know what to ask to find comfort. You are really a rock from my viewpoint & I am positive God has great plans for your family! We love ya & pray for continued healing so that boy can get excited & jump for joy!

  4. I love the good news and I'm so happy you see the good in all this. Audrea loved seeing you and Samuel, she just lit up when I asked how you all were doing! Mikey would like to know how long he is now. When she looks at tthe pictures of him by himself she says he looks bigger but then when she osees one of him with an adult she says "O he's still small!" And I am THRILLED you got to comfort him with your touch!

  5. Over the past almost 4 weeks, your life has exemplified to me these verses in Philippians:

    Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God....and the peace of God which transcends ALL understanding will guard your heart and mind. ~Philippians 4:6-7

    Praise the Lord for good news! What an amazing blessing to be able to hold your son!

    Now the dietitian in me will come out...poopy diapers are a GREAT thing. There is activity in that belly of his! Unfortunately, refeeding is a tedious process, yet God is bigger than medicine!

    Danielle Watson

  6. Dear Sarah
    I know Rich and Mandy and used to teach Michael. I have been praying for you all and thank God for your faith and trust in God for each step. May God continue to strengthen and uphold you as you wait for Sam to develop and grow. God bless
    Lorraine Rodrigues

  7. Hope your night will be restful and full of peace and Samuel will be calm as well...can't wait to hear good reports on Samuel growth, healing and his strong development on his lungs...love ya

  8. Sarah, so happy to hear that Samuel is having a good day. So great you were able to touch him! My thoughts are with you all and I wish you happiness and strength through this time. Claire (Snell) xx

  9. Sarah...Praying those good days become the norm, he is getting stronger day by day. Everyone is praying so hard for all of you. He is a little trooper and so are you. Love being able to keep up on what is happening even though we're far away. Just know we love you and are praying constantly. Whenever I'm home I am checking your blog many times a day and praying blessings on you all! Love and miss you!!!