Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Update

Yesterday was a good day for us. We hope you had a happy Easter too! Sorry for the lack of updates....I think I scared a few of you. haha.

Samuel is still stable today. The doctors made their rounds about an hour ago. Overall, things are better than they were a few days ago. He is still making a lot of wet diapers but he is still very swollen. They think that by the end of the week he should look back to his normal self. Although his kidneys are working for the most part, they are not expelling the sodium from his body like they should. He is retaining too much and the doctors are having to make some adjustments on his fluids until the kidneys begin to work correctly.
Samuel is on 33% oxygen today and last night he was on 27%. The doctors feel that they might have to go up on one of the ventilator settings today because he isn't releasing enough CO2 when he breathes. Hopefully when they check his blood at noon, they will find that they don't need to go up on any of his settings. According to the x-rays, his lungs are still cloudy. The doctors feel that it is because of the fluid retention (which the sodium isn't helping.)
Occasionally, Samuel will drop his heart rate then pick it back up again. I've been told that it is normal for preemies to do this...but it scares me to death to watch the monitor flash and beep each time he does it.
The surgeons are still inching his abdominal tube out. It should be out in a few days. After his tummy has time to heal, the doctors will begin feeding him again. I'm nervous about this since his intestines perforated last time they fed him.

Right now, I'm mostly anxious about the brain ultrasound tomorrow. We've successfully avoided any hemorrhaging so far....we will just keep praying that it continues.
I'm happy that Samuel is having another good day....happy that he's not crying right now....happy that I can take a nap.....happy that Michael's parents and my parents will be here tomorrow....happy to have good friends who care about and are praying for our baby. :)


  1. Heya girl... We love you, and we're still praying for you.

  2. Sarah,

    It is so good to hear these updates about Samuel! Praise God for good days! I am also so happy to hear that your and MIchael's parents will be with you tomorrow! My family and I are still praying for you all! I love you very much Sarah!

  3. Praying God will keep the happy days coming.

  4. Sarah & Michael, we are praying for you and Samuel. Please know that we are happy to share with you our experience at any moment you need/want to hear our preemie story (Jack was a 2lb 4oz 27 weeker). I can put myself in your place almost 6 years ago. Remember who holds the future in His hands are creates for His glory and good pleasure. Love you guys!


  5. Praying that the good days just keep coming. So glad to hear that he is doing better. We will keep praying that everything balances out and functions as it should. I am so glad to hear that you are able to get a little bit of rest, you and Michael need to stay healthy too. We love you and miss you out here in the boonies and we'll just stay praying as we have been, constantly! <3<3

  6. Sarah and Michael.....thanks for keeping the blog up when you can. There are literally hundreds looking at it for updates on Samuel and you two. I had a good visit with Richard and Mandy today by phone. One of our friends (David Lewis) has volunteered a place for them to stay if they need it. It's pretty close to Children's.
    We're praying for the little fighter.

  7. Little Samuel is always in our prayers. He has become a part of our family and I prayer constanly for them. I pray for you too! Just keep the faith,