Thursday, April 8, 2010


Last night was a rough night for Samuel. His vitals were not stable. He had to come WAY up on the ventilator settings - the highest we have been in a few days. The x-ray this morning showed that Samuel's lungs had collapsed some.
The doctors aren't sure what is causing Samuel's instability. It could be that he has an infection - but so far, the cultures that they have taken are all coming back negative. They did another heart echo today and it came back normal. They also tested his coritsol (spell?) levels and they are normal as well. We are happy for these good results - but the doctors can't correct the problem if they dont know what it is.

Please pray for continued healing of Samuel's lungs and wisdom for the doctors to figure out what is causing the problems.

We really need a good night tonight.


  1. Sarah I hope I can write this so it will minister to you...Isiah 40;31..we have heard it hundreds of time...BUT is says, as we wait on the Lord, He will renew YOUR strength...of course the key word is we are waiting on the Lord to answer NOT man...honey put your whole armor on and trust in the Lord and I know it has got to be hard, but Lord is gonna give you strength...I pray stength for you as you wait on Samuels healing and wisdom for Dr's....then is says....the shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not be faint...God ain't got no weak army for you and Michael...we are stong in the Lord and will fight this fight with you all the ya deb

  2. Sarah....we are praying hard...for healing and strength and wisdom for Samuel, the doctors and for all of you. You are in my heart, thoughts and prayers all day, everyday. My heart aches for you and how hard all this is...but God is there with you and there are people praying all over the country and outside it as well. When the storm comes and the sky is dark, we will shine with God's light!!

  3. Sarah...I am speechless once again, but my heart is flowing for the situation.

  4. As I pray for little Samuel I touch his picture in my phone as if I'm laying hands on him & I realize as this may sound strange it's all we can do & yet God Can lay His hands on lil' Samuel! He continues to touch him daily with healing as the different attacks come up. Oh yes Samuel is meant for a great job in Gods kingdom & we will continue to ask God to heal & protect & raise up this wonderful child!
    God bless you Sarah & Michael!

  5. I`m up praying tonight with a heavy heart. I wish I knew what is happening, no update today.

  6. We have faith in Gods word & we believe He will answer our prayers! Faith in the unseen? I believe if I look I can see Him all around me & I know I feel His touch & His presence! Rest in your faith that God is listening to his peoples cries & Samuel will be strong & healed for our Gods glory! Love y'all & I'm still believing my God can!