Friday, August 29, 2014

The Catch-Up Post

Someone asked me the other day why I never blog anymore.  I can't believe that it has been more than six months since I've written anything substantial on here.  Time flies and we've just been so busy living life.  The good stuff.  Play dates.  Summer sunshine.  And lots of moving forward for this little family of ours.

These two kiddos have been doing great!  They pester each other in true sibling fashion, but they love each other and are finally beginning to play together like friends.

Samuel is four and a half now.  I almost typed his stats out of habit, but they mean very little to us these days.  He's growing.  He's eating.  And he's gaining weight SLOWLY but surely.

He will begin a preschool program in just a few days.  I have every intention of delaying his entrance into kindergarten another year, so the plan is for him to repeat this class twice.  He's looking forward to making friends and I'm excited for him to be in a learning environment again.

Therapy seems to be going well overall, even if he would prefer not to go anymore.  Too bad that's not an option.  Ha!  Physical therapy is full of running, skipping, hopping on one foot, and jumping. I feel like everyone is still trying to figure out his little 'quirks' physically.  Is he tight on his left side?  Or maybe his core is a little weak?  Does he gallop instead of run simply because enjoys it?  It's hard to tell.  I consider myself a proactive mom, but when his therapists suggested Botox injections a year ago, I couldn't get a peace about it.  I would feel differently if he walked on his toes, or if he ALWAYS galloped, or if he showed noticeable tightness at all....but he doesn't.  So after consulting with his doctor, we decided it wasn't the right course of action for him.  At least for now.

In occupational therapy, Samuel has been doing a lot of letter-writing.  Despite his frustration with it, I'm really impressed with how clearly he can write!  I'm hoping one day he'll enjoy writing or drawing, but right now, it's really more of a chore for him.

Annalee is nineteen months old.  She is doing so well!  We've seen very few problems resulting from her prematurity.  She has some narrowing of her upper airways (stridor), so she has croupy sounding coughing and breathing when she gets a cold.  Hopefully she'll outgrow that one day soon!  She is still my easy going, laid back child.....with a little drama thrown in there too (she is a girl after all!)

There have been a lot of changes for our family of four over the last few months.  In March, we sold our house, moved to a nearby city, and Michael got a new job.  I'll always miss that old home because of what we went through while we lived there....but it has been a good move.  We're living in a townhouse just opposite of a beautiful park full of big trees.  It's been great for the kids.  We hope to build a home within the next year (although it's been tough to get going on that!)

I could go on and on about all of the changes that I've neglected to update you about, but for now, I'll have to get back to work on the huge pile of laundry that's taking up half of my living room.

You can thank procrastination for this long awaited update!


  1. So wonderful that the reason you don't have time to post is a normal, busy schedule of a Mom with two little ones...prayers answered!! Sending many hugs!!!

  2. It is so great to see how well they are doing! I love reading updates but I love hearing y'all are too busy living life to make updates even more :p

  3. What struck me the most about your post was how your family has been able to move forward after the early arrivals of both of your children. This is what I truly hope will happen for my family as well. My daughter was born in September 2011 at 26 weeks and 2 days. This experience forever changed my family. Having a micro-preemie changes you and who you become as a parent. Now almost 3 years later, I can honestly say that its getting easier. My daughter is healthy and thriving. If you looked at her, you would never even know that she was a preemie. You're right.....stats don't mean as much anymore. Like Samuel, she is growing, eating and gaining weight and as a preemie parent that makes me so happy.....but now there is more to life than that. We are looking towards preschool and taking part in activities that were originally avoided because of germs and RSV. I am also expecting my second child in Spring 2015. I view this pregnancy in a completely different way than I did my first. I am taking nothing for granting and am simply praying to just get further. Your story has been a inspiration to me. Thank you :-)


  4. YAY great news for all of you. Loved these photos of your gorgeous kids! Looking at these photos you would never know he was a preemie baby. My son is nearly 5.5 and only at a similar milestone to your son. On woods and upwoods from here.

  5. I thought of you today. And your kids. They are beautiful!!!!! So, so happy to see they are healthy. Would love if you post once in a while to keep us, well, posted. lol