Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Annalee's Nursery

While Samuel was in the NICU, the nursery was the least of my concerns.  In a sleep-deprived fog, I picked out crib bedding.  We inherited a crib, and we filled the room with whatever 'left-over' furniture we had in our possession.  Some dear friends came over to help Michael paint and decorate.

It looked good.  Really.  It did.

And in the grand scheme of things, the nursery wasn't a big deal.  Having our miracle baby home was far more important.  But I always wished that the nursery HAD been a big deal.  I wished that it was put together like it would have been if it had been a typical pregnancy...because, well, we could have used a little more 'typical' in our lives!

All that to say, I knew decorating Annalee's nursery would be meaningful...but our tumultuous pregnancy kept me away from it.  'Baking' her awhile longer was crucial!  I joked that I would finish the nursery by her first birthday.

It turns out that I beat my estimate by a month!  Ha!

So here it is, Annalee's nursery, and a breakdown of where everything came from (or the projects that we did.)

Don't worry, we lowered the mattress after this photo!
  • Paint color:  Benjamin Moore 'Blue Grass'
  • We already owned the frames, crib, table, birdcage, and changing table...but we painted them white.
  • The crib skirt was actually a shower curtain from Urban Outfitters!  I had planned to make it into a crib skirt myself, but when my talented mother-in-law offered to help, I gladly handed the project off to her.  She made the skirt, a few pillows out of the remaining fabric, and the changing pad cover.
  • 'Big Band' rug:  Land of Nod

  • Bird, flowers, and vase: Hobby Lobby
  • Birdcage: Given to me by a friend (who happens to be my go-to for all things decorating!  She also gave me the frames above the crib.  Thanks Jessi!)

  • Knit Pouf Ottoman by BobbleKnit
  • Quilt by SimplyGreenerThings
  • Swivel Glider by Target
  • Michael converted four wooden boxes (previously used as book cubbies) into that beautiful bench.  We made the the cushion too!  I'm so proud of how it turned out!

  • The big wooden 'A' was a gift.
  • The idea for the wisteria branches came from a Land of Nod catalog.  I think it turned out great, but if I EVER have to fold another tissue paper petal, I. Will. Scream.
  • Yes, those are her beautiful cloth diapers (cloth diapering is my current obsession...)

Seriously.  These were so much work that I had to post another photo...

  • The wreath for her door was a gift (thanks Christie!)
  • The pillows (top right) are from Target and HomeGoods.
  • Sleep Sheep:  A must have by Cloud B
  • Crib Sheet by SimplyGreenerThings

  • Our house is old, but it has a lot of character...like this original (1920s) doorknob.
  • Vintage curtain rod:  Home Depot
  • Curtains:  Ikea (style: Vivian)  These were my biggest 'find.'  Four curtains for $40?  Yes please, thank-you, and amen!

  • The little 'a' was a gift from a friend (thanks Stephanie!)
  • The "canvas prints" are not actually canvas.  They are large prints glued to some boards that Michael had in the garage.  I rolled several layers of ModPodge over the top to give them a textured look.  VOILA!  Instant canvas prints...well, as far as anyone else knows!  Photos by Katie Cole Photography
  • Bird frames:  Target.  When I bought them, the frames and branches were silver.  I painted them white and now they work perfectly with the room!

That's it!  I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  Now the trick will be to keep my adorably wild, dirt-loving little boy out of this room...

I think that white bench is screaming for a dirty little hand print!


  1. love love love it!!!! I remember getting to do the nursery for the big kids - and then thinking of redoing ANOTHER nursery when I found out I was prego just didn't thrill me.....BUT when he came early - I became obsessed with making sure he had a room to come home to...GREAT JOB!!!!

    1. Thanks!!! Way to go YOU for having his nursery done before he came home! That is truly impressive! I wish I had done the same! :)

  2. It's beautiful!!! So incredibly creative too!! It looks like she loves it too!!!

  3. It looks beautiful! Love the feminine touches but without being too over the top pink!

    1. Thanks so much!!!! That's exactly what I was going for....I'm not a huge fan of pink! ;)

  4. The nursery is beautiful. Is the glider comfortable? We are expecting and I am desperately looking for a comfortable yet affordable glider for the nursery.


    1. Thank you! The glider isn't super soft, but we think it's pretty comfortable. I think if we had bought the matching ottoman that it would be even more comfortable! Good luck finding one you like. :)

  5. Great job - it came out lovely! (And so funny you added the comment about the mattress - that is EXACTLY what I was thinking before I scrolled a bit lower and saw what you wrote!!!) ;o)

    1. Yeah, I'm really a nut for safety. That's why she doesn't have any crib bumpers! ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing, you did a GREAT job decorating, such a BEAUTIFUL room for your sweet daughter. Love, love, love it!!!

  7. That branch is a-dorbs!!!!

  8. Where did you get the changing table? It is adorable and just what I'm looking for.