Friday, August 31, 2012

A Summer of Colds

Over the last few months, we've ventured out into the big bad germ-filled world and brought home every virus known to mankind.  At least, it seems that way.  Samuel has been sick almost the entire summer.  Poor kid has had four ear infections, treated with four different antibiotics, in the last four months.

That kind of record doesn't bode well for this winter.

I've found myself wishing that we had kept the pulseox monitor.  It would be reassuring to see his oxygen level when his chest sounds so wet.   Nevertheless, with a little help from a steroid inhaler (albuterol, for those who care) his lungs seem to be handing the viruses as they should. 

Here's to hoping he's just getting a head start on building up his immune system for this cold/flu season!

At the end of July, we saw his pulmonologist for what I thought would be his last appointment.  I quickly learned that you do NOT bring a sick child into her office and expect to be discharged.  OOOOOOH no.  On the contrary, instead of seeing her every six months, we will now see her in four months.  

The problem is, our pediatrician(s) and our pulmonologist disagree on pretty much everything about Samuel's daily care.  They are on opposite ends of the spectrum - with the pulmonologist demanding we use inhalers and allergy meds constantly; while our pediatrician prefers Samuel to be medicine-free.  That leaves us to finding a happy balance that fits Samuel's needs the best.  And I'm OK with that, since disagreeing with doctors isn't exactly new to me.

Anyway, enough with the medical's more of what our day-to-day has been like.

He had his first professional haircut.

He's been doing a lot of reading...

...some room-destroying...

...a little nature appreciating...

...and a lot of silliness.

He is about to make the transition to a big boy bed, so I'm trying to soak up these last few days of peaceful sleepy babyhood.

That sweet boy of mine.  He's getting so big!


  1. He's beautiful and growing so fast!! Since he has been so isolated it's only natural that he is picking up bugs now, but that is a good and natural thing. His body is learning to fight the bugs off, but it is so hard on Mommy. Keep yourself healthy too sweetheart. Sending all my love!!!

  2. Sorry to hear he's been so sick. Hopefully you are right about building up his immunity for the fall. My two are starting pre-school so I'm pretty scared about flu/cold season. I figure if I have to pull them out, then I'll just do that.

    Samuel is getting so big now. He is adorable!