Wednesday, June 13, 2012

27 months

Age:  27 months - Wow!  When did that number get so big??
Adjusted Age: 23 months
Weight: 25 lbs
Height:  33 in

I'll spare you the clothing/diaper stats (which have stayed the same for the last eight months or so.)

Loves:  This kid may have every tractor/construction vehicle toy on the market, but he insists on carrying around one special tractor.  We have to take it on walks, on car trips, in the bathroom, and sometimes to bed.  His love of Dora the Explorer continues, as well as his fascination with playing outside in the dirt.

THE tractor (covered in dirt, of course!)
Dislikes:  Not getting his way and not being understood.

Here's what that looks like...
As far as his general health goes, he is still on the mend from his ear infections.  Ugh.  Despite seven days of antibiotics, he just wasn't himself.  So I took him back to the doctor last Wednesday.  After a peek in his ears, she confirmed what I was already expecting...two, only slightly improved ear infections.  We are almost finished with a second round of antibiotics and I'm crossing my fingers that we will be done this time.

His appetite has slowed a bit, but he continues to amaze me with his table-food-eating skills.  Although he often feeds himself a few bites at each meal, he mostly relies on me to spoon the food into his mouth.

We ordered him his first kid's meal.

Munching on a lemon...yes, he's his mother's child.

What I love most about this age is how funny he is...even if he doesn't intend to be.

Story #1:  One evening, Samuel walks up to me and says, "Michael?"  I was surprised to hear him say Michael's name because it wasn't something that we had worked on (and honestly, I rarely call him anything other than 'Babe" while we are at home anyway.)  So I asked Samuel, "Michael?  Who is Michael?"  He took my hand, led me into the other room, and pointed to Michael.  So funny!

Story #2:  We were at the store and an elderly woman was blocking the aisle with her cart.  I stop and wait patiently but Samuel yells, "Get Outta Way!!!"  I was mortified!  Thankfully she didn't pay any attention to us as I quickly ducked down another aisle...

Story #3:  Samuel was playing in the waiting room at the therapy clinic as a therapist came out to speak to a little girl playing next to him.  She was speaking to the girl in Spanish, asking her to move a toy up ("arriba.")  So my little Dora-the-Explorer-watching-child pipes in and says "arriba"...and a few other Spanish words.  The therapist and little girl both looked at him a little funny and I died laughing.

I'll leave you with a few videos that I've taken of Samuel over the past month.  I love watching videos of children I read about (on other blogs) because it gives me a sense of what they are like in person.  A picture can only tell you so much...

He watches Dora during meal time and frequently asks for this episode, called 'Journey to the Purple Planet' - which is all about space.  He's still working on counting backwards.  :)

He's never been much of a dancer so this video is extra cute to me.

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