Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

This long weekend turned out to be rather relaxing...mostly because we waited too late to make any big plans.  Friday evening my parents came to visit us, and Samuel was up extra late reading (and rereading) the stack of books that they brought him.  I love listening to my mom read books with him...she has a knack for making it sound so exciting!

Friday morning we took Samuel to the Bentonville splashpad.  He had a great time, even after he was sprayed in the face with a jet of water.  The look on his face was priceless.

The rest of Saturday was spent relaxing and working on our house.  We've almost finished remodeling our living room and I'm anxious to get my furniture back where it goes!

Today we had plans to go to the mall and eat out (big plans, right?), but Samuel woke up at 4am with a BLAZING fever.  It was a long day of administering Tylenol, patting with a wet cloth, and trying to coax a very cranky toddler to eat (which he didn't.)  If I were to guess, the dirty water at the splashpad gave him an ear infection.  Guess we'll find out tomorrow for sure.

I will say that today wasn't a total waste.  There are few opportunities to cuddle my little man, and I got to do a LOT of cuddling.  Also, we really enjoyed being able to spend the entire day on the couch, watching episode after episode of Storm Chasers.  Samuel was just as interested in the "Mayos" {Tornados} as his daddy was.

Hopefully the night improves...the most recent dose of Tylenol did not go over well and he threw up what little was left in his tummy.  Poor guy.  I'm afraid we're all in for a long night....


  1. Praying for you all honey....those ear infections are rotten. All my love and give Samuel a hug for me!!!!

  2. I hope you all survived the sickness and Samuel is himself again.