Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Samuel's Tractor Party

Have I mentioned that Samuel LOOOOVES tractors?

I'm pretty sure I have.  :)

Anyway.  Although he was a bit too young to remember this party, I wanted it to reflect his interests.  What better way than to have a tractor themed party?  I would love to be able to take credit for how the party turned out, but I had a LOT of help from my mom, Michael, and my sister-in-law.

Here are the invitations.  We made them in Photoshop and were planning to use vistaprint.com, but had to print them ourselves due to time restraints (otherwise known as procrastination.)  This is front and back...they looked more rustic once we printed them on watercolor paper.

Clockwise:  Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with tractor cupcake toppers (I CAN take credit for those!), lemonade served in Mason jars with old fashioned paper straws, twine-wrapped utensils, chocolate dipped pretzels, and another picture of the jars/straws.

Tissue paper poms hung with twine.

I cut out black tractor wheels to use for his birthday banner.

Red and white striped lollipops.

Step 1:  Look at pretty candle.
Step 2:  Have a meltdown during the birthday song (too much attention!)
Step 3:  Refusal to blow out candle...mom and dad take over.

Of course there was the opening of the gifts (and several more meltdowns when he couldn't have the toy he had just opened.  At least he's acting his age!)

 And no tractor party would be complete without a hayride!

Samuel had such a serious look on his face during the ride.

We had a great time celebrating Samuel's special day with so many loved ones!


  1. Awww..too precious! He did really well! After all, when you show him a toy, he wants to play with it right then. He did great with all the people. I'll go through my pics and send them to you so you can post what you wish. It was an awesome Birthday Party!!! Thank you for having me <3 <3

  2. Love the cute decorations and his cute shirt! It sounds like he had a great party for being a 2 year old that is. Boy, is he getting handsome! He looks so grown up.

  3. What a great party! It looks like it was a BLAST!