Saturday, February 4, 2012

Crepes on a Saturday Morning

This winter has been beautiful...truly gorgeous temperatures in the 60s, clear blue skies, and not a drop of rain.  Until today.  But since the weekdays are long and the weekends are so short, we decided to make the most of our morning.

We have the best location - a mere five minute walk to the Bentonville downtown square, which houses a variety of small town restaurants, an ice skating rink/splash pad, the Crystal Bridges Museum, and a little crepe shop we like to visit occasionally.

Samuel always says, "Choo-choo!" when he sees the shop.  I can see how it looks like a train car to him...

Family pic...although not a great one.  Haha.

We ate our crepes while Samuel walked around the now-empty ice skating rink.

He found a puddle in record breaking time.

So we made a quick dash home, defrosted the boy in a warm bath, and then put him down for a nap.

Out for the count!  Happy Saturday!


  1. What a perfect morning!!! The crepes looked delicious and the smiles were beautiful. Love you all so much <3

  2. Fun! Makes me feel like such a geezer to say, but "family fun" really is better than anything else. We piled on the rug with pillows and popcorn last night and watched The Gods Must Be Crazy II :)

  3. Samuel is soooooo adorable! his sleeping face is so cute!

  4. He's so cute I just want to pick him up and squeeze him. And he's all boy! I loved reading this post. Makes me hopeful for the good times following this quarantine period. :)