Monday, February 27, 2012

23 Months

Chronological Age:  23 months
Adjusted Age:  19 months
Weight:  23 lbs 7 oz
Height:  32 inches approx.
Diapers:  Size 3
Shirts/Onesies: 18 months
Pants:  12-18 months
Shoes:  Size 5.5 (Stride Rite)
Teeth:  18!  His 2 year molars came in last month.
Naps:  He has been rocking some 2 hour naps!  Gotta love it!
Sleeps:  7:30pm to 6:30am

Samuel has been talking so much more recently.  He is using two word sentences and his vocabulary has grown by leaps and bounds.  There's no doubt that he understands more than he can communicate, which unfortunately seems to be the underlying cause for his occasional temper tantrums.

talking on momma's phone

Some of the cutest things he is saying:

"TEE!" as in, "I want to see!"
"Goopy" for "Goofy"
"SHHHH" when he thinks something is sleeping
Counting to five (and trying to count to ten)
All of the body parts he can name (head, eyes, ears, cheek, nose, mouth, chin, tummy, arm, hand, foot, toes, knees, legs, belly button...etc.)
Using "Hungry" and "Drink" as a way to get out of bed
Pointing to the tv saying, "Yo Gabba Gabba!" "DJ" and "Blues Clues!"....oh boy...
Saying, "I love you" to his puppy (He has yet to tell us "I love you" though!!!)
"Hug" and "Kiss"

He now says, "therapy" and "inhaler" - which makes me a little sad since they aren't things that I want to be part of his life.  Nevertheless, they are, so I suppose it's good he knows how to communicate about them.

Speaking of therapy, he continues to make progress in all areas.  He is doing SO SO well with eating for his occupational and speech therapists - in fact, he eats better for them than he does at home now!  I'm always amazed at how little food he has left over at the end of their sessions....whereas I struggle to feed him half of a banana in one sitting.  PT is also going well, although the progress seems slower (or at least less noticeable.)  We are currently working on getting him to jump with two feet.  I was told that he should accomplish this goal by the time he turns two, but I don't have high hopes that it will happen in a month.  The good news is that he is now climbing!

I've been ultra paranoid over the last few weeks because there seems to be an RSV outbreak in our area.  At the beginning of the winter, I was a little miffed that our insurance company delayed his Synagis shots for weeks into RSV season...but it turned out to be a blessing because he will receive the last shot a little further into the spring while all of the RSV in our area subsides.  I'm also trying to find out how to get him an extra shot for this season.

finger painting fun

We are ready for summer, but lovin' this mild winter too.  There have been only few days this month that we stayed indoors.  And that's good, because he has a LOT of energy to expend.  :)


  1. Sarah,
    I love that you posted this. He is so precious and a miracle. Hope that yall continue to do well and enjoy this beautiful weather outside- I know that Jolee does. You are a great Momma and I know that Samuel is a great son to have. He looks like he is alot of fun. I am glad that he is progressing so well. Yall have came a very long way and GOD is good.

  2. He is so, so adorable. I love the first picture! I am so happy to read how well he is doing... he's simply amazing. And such a miracle. Will be praying for even more progress! Go Samuel.

  3. I love hearing all the good news and seeing the cute pictures of him. He is doing GREAT!! And so are Mommy and Daddy! Love ya!!!!!!

  4. It sounds like he is doing so great! I'm so glad to hear that. I was suprised to read they expect him to jump with two feet off the ground already. I had read that is not expected until well after age 2. One of my almost 2 year olds isn't doing that skill yet, either. In fact, he's talking more and weighs more than her, too. Go, Samuel!

  5. Michael didn't jump with two feet until last month, but he knew his ABCs. Don't worry if he doesn't get that (or one other skill that is on age level--it seems that they catch up). And your little man can count to five?!?! So cool! Mine counts 1,2,4,5,6,7. There seems to be something missing...

    We know God has all of this in his hands; what a blessing!

  6. I am also surprised that they wanted him to jump with two feet off the ground. The 3 year old that I was a nanny for still had problems with that. So, don't feel bad if he doesn't get it soon! I love that first photo of him. He looks SO old! I love it! I'll definitely be praying for you all through the rest of the RSV season. Hopefully you'll get through it without problem!

  7. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story which shows your familiy's courage and strength. What an absolutely beautiful Spirit little Samuel is - an amazing gift.