Saturday, November 19, 2011

We're Alive

We are alive!  I promise.  Life doesn't want to slow down at the moment.  I haven't had time to post on the blog, to read the blogs I follow, to take pictures, to post on FB like I usually do, or to shower.  (Just joking about the shower thing...)  I thought life during RSV season would become dull rather quickly...but the truth is, we haven't stopped to take a breath in the last three weeks.  Busy, busy, busy.  I'll be sure to update you as soon as things slow down.  In the meantime, I could use your help!

We had our family pictures taken (please no snide comments about how frequently we have them done!!!) for Christmas cards.  I would love to hear which picture(s) you like the most.  I always have a difficult time picking one out!
-click 'LIFE'
--at the bottom of the page, click 'PROOFING'
---type in this password:  pope11/2011
----on the bottom right of each picture is a picture ID number which starts with the letters DSC.  If you want to tell me which is your favorite, use that number.

Maybe I was in a particularly emotional mood, but when I looked through these pictures I struggled to hold back tears.  Samuel looks so grown up!  My little baby is gone and in his place is this fantastic toddler.  If only I could have shown these to myself while we were in the NICU!

Kim, you did a fabulous job as always.  I love every single one of them.


  1. #26-my absolute favorite
    #6- second favorite
    #5- 3rd favorite

    loved them all. It took me a while to notice your hair was blonde again. haha


  2. Sarah, I'm so happy you shared this, and I love reading everyone's feedback here and on Facebook. Thanks for supporting me. You are all three such beautiful people in every way, and I can't say it enough, but I love watching Samuel grow into such a lovely little man. I love you guys!

  3. DSC_4956.jpg

    It's just beautiful!!!

  4. The photo's are lovely! Here's my favorites:
    Samuel is so cute!

  5. so for the pics: If you are going family fave is 5143 in black and awesome. If you are going traditional, then 4976. As for the pics of Samuel, its too hard to pick the cutest... :) My Sam is the one with the paralyzed vocal cord from his PDA ligation. We thought he might have to get a g-tube in the NICU because he kept failing swallow studies. Eventually he passed on nectar thick liquids. A few months after discharge, he passed a swallow study on slightly thickened liquids. At 10 months he finally passed on thin, so we no longer had to thicken anything. He sounds like a 77 year old chain smoker when he tries to talk, so I think his vocal cord plays a role. Sometimes I see him mouthing words several times before he actually gets them out with sound... He will just be starting speech this month, so we will see what she says. The ENT says that these kids usually compensate for the injury since it happened so early on... His reflux further complicates matters. On the eating front, he's the twin that eats and drinks well, ironically. His brother, Asher, is the one with the feeding issues. He has low tone, sensory issues, and reflux, though, which individually can cause problems, much less all THREE combined. Anyway, sorry for the long response. Let me know if you have any more questions! Love the pics!

  6. For family shots I love 4956 and 5143. For Sam shots I love 5211, 5039, and 5071. And 5093 is just adorable. Thanks for sharing these! they are all so beautiful!

  7. I couldn't get my computer to show numbers, but I loved all of them. My favorite was the one where both you and Samuel were facing each other.

  8. I like 4976 and 5021 :)

  9. I like 4984 and 4976 for a Christmas card... but they are all great!
    -Cristina Key Miranda

  10. Samuel has the most beautiful blue eyes! You are so blessed with such a beautiful little boy!