Saturday, October 22, 2011

Winter Care Package

Ok...I'll admit it.  I haven't had the greatest attitude about the commencement of our winter lock-down.  I've never liked cold weather, but now that I have had Samuel (with all of his chronic lung issues) I dislike it even more.  I'm certain it's a fault of mine that I can't seem to focus on the good things about the changing seasons - an opportunity to eat comfort food, cuddle on the couch, drink a hot drink, and wear cute clothes.  Mostly I see it as a lazy, rainy, windy, sickly, and grumpy time of the year.  Although 99% of the population disagrees with my assessment of the winter season, there is a noticeable decline in everyone's mood around January.

So yeah.  I may have complained a little bit between my hot showers and mugs of tea.  I truly apologize for that.  Once winter is in full-force, I'll eventually accept it and make the best of the situation.  But for now, I'm grateful for some sweet people in my life who are making our days brighter just by caring.

One such friend sent me a winter-isolation care-package this week.  It was so thoughtful and cute that I thought I'd share....

"To bring the outside inside" - a winter pine scented candle

"When you need a break" - the novel The Help

"When you need a laugh" - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

"It's fall ya'll" - an autumn harvest scented candle

"To add that Christmas sparkle" - fingernail polish

"Double double toil and trouble" - cozy socks for Halloween

"'Haute' Christmas" - the name of the fingernail polish

"For the adult beverage" - (I was a little curious about this one....haha) - Starbucks gift card
Pumpkin Spice Latte, HERE I COME!

"For those NWA winds" - Burt's Bees lip balm

Wasn't that so sweet and creative?  It is certainly a good reminder that I need to be more considerate and thoughtful myself.  Thanks Ashly for making my day!


  1. What a wonderful package!! Don't feel bad about disliking winter, personally I can't stand it! Very depressing and I am cold ALL the time. You and Samuel will be like Mamma Bear and Cub...all snuggly and I bet he will find lots of ways to make you smile!!! XXOO

  2. That is so creative and so sweet! I am such a gift person... love this!

    p.s. does it get cold there? I know that "cold" is a relative term coming from Montana, but just curious :)

  3. Jessi -As you said, it certainly doesn't get as cold as where you live!!! Last year, we had several weeks of highs in the teens...but the average high is usually in the upper 30s (we get snow about four times a year.) However, my family is unusually cold natured, so anything below 70 is really uncomfortable!!!

  4. Sarah- You need to move to Texas. We had something like 100 days of 100 degree or more weather (miserable); we're just now cooling off a bit. It's wonderful right now - highs in the 70s. My daughter thinks it's cold though. She was wearing jeans and a long-sleeve shirt - no jacket and said she was freezing and thought it was going to snow soon (at 75 degrees)!

    I love your care package. That was so sweet.

  5. Michelle- That is so cute that she thought it was going to snow! Believe me, Michael and I threaten to move south every winter! One of these days maybe...

  6. How wonderfully thoughtful and creative. I don't think your feelings are at all out of line. I don't like winter either and to be in forced "house arrest" would definitely add to it. Talking about it is a good way to release some of the pressure and your friend's gift is a delightful way to help also.

  7. Thats so sweet! I may be wrong, but I think this winter may be much easier on you – maybe even fun at times, since Samuel is so much older. He will keep you busy. Good luck! We are facing a heat wave this week in South Africa. :D So we will also stay indoors most of the time. But I LOVE summer!

  8. That was so thoughtful and creative! What an amazing friend you have been blessed with!