Saturday, October 15, 2011

18 Month Check-Up

Weight:  21 lbs 8 oz
Height:  29.72''
Head Circumference:  18.11''

Samuel had his 18 month check-up yesterday.  He received his flu shot but I refused the Hep. and MMR vaccines until he is 18-24 months ADJUSTED age.  I never make doctors happy when it comes to vaccines...

I finally remembered to ask for a copy of his growth charts.  They start at 4 months (which means they are based on his chronological age, not adjusted age.)

Weight:  His weight took a big dip about the time he started walking.  He is in the 3rd percentile.

Height:  Samuel has yet to hit the chart for height - but he's getting closer!

Head Circumference:  This is the one area that he caught up on rather quickly.  He was on the chart at 9 months old.  Now he is getting close to the 10th percentile.

Yeah...ok, that was a pretty uninteresting post.  But here are a few pictures of our day yesterday!  That helps, right??


  1. They can make all the charts they want, but we know he is PERFECT!!!! Love seeing that beautiful smile!!!

  2. I was TOTALLY interested in your charts!! :)

  3. So, first I have to say, I love the charts! I look at Owen's every time we go to the pediatrician. I think its really interresting to see as they grow.
    Second, my blog won't allow me to comment . . . how wierd is that? Anyway, I wanted to say thank's for the comment! I have been following your little guy as well. I would be happy to allow you to link to my blog. Do you mind if I do the same?