Sunday, September 25, 2011

Repeat Anyone?

Being a housewife has its perks.  We have the flexibility to spend our days as we wish (with the exception of medical appointments, therapies, and RSV isolation.)  This flexibility may or may not include staying in pjs until 3pm...

The disadvantage of staying at home is that the weekends aren't all that much different from the weekdays.  My 'job' is still feeding, cleaning, changing, entertaining...etc.  Housewives don't get a 'weekend' from their job.  It's a small price to pay.

But this weekend was a weekend I could repeat.  My sweet husband made an extraordinary effort to take Samuel off my hands - in the little ways and big ways.  On Saturday, it was how he took Samuel out of the carseat everytime we made a stop.  It was how he watched him while we shopped.  It was the way he volunteered to entertain him while I was productive elsewhere. 

I actually had a few minutes to work on the house (as in, continuing our remodel.)  ::gasp!::

Today was even better.  Michael quietly crept out of the room this morning and allowed me to sleep in while he took care of Samuel.  In fact, he let me sleep so late that I couldn't get dressed in time for church.  So you know what happened?  The boys went and I was left BY MYSELF, at home, for the first time since before Samuel was born.  I drank my coffee (on the couch even!), ate a muffin, read a chapter of my book, cleaned the house, and showered before they got home.  It's amazing how much quicker things get done when you don't have a toddler holding onto your leg!

The rest of the day was spent:

Skyping with Nana and Gramps,

playing outside with sticks and leaves,

vegging out on the couch,

then eventually to bed.

Thank you, Michael, for making my weekend great! 
Now, does anyone have a replay button?


  1. What a wonderful weekend for you. Michael is a gem for sure. Kiss those rosy little cheeks for me and know that you are always in my prayers!!! XXOO Joey

  2. NICE! And I just have to say that your fence is the perfect backdrop for picture.