Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Special Day

Monday night, our family went to the airport to meet Samuel's Nana...who traveled all the way from Zimbabwe, Africa to see him!  We were excited to see on the screen that her plane had arrived. 

So we waited patiently...

...thinking that each new person that came down the escalator would be Nana...

...and became sorely disappointed when none of them were her!

Then came the call from Nana saying that the screen was wrong.  Her flight was delayed and we had another four hours to wait.  We went home...

But a few hours later - at long last - Samuel got to see his Nana.  (Last time he saw her, he was very sick and a little preoccupied with trying to stay alive.)

So sweet.

Now Samuel is of the opinion that Nana is NOT allowed to go back to Africa!


  1. Samuel I am so happy that your Nana arrived safely. She has been waiting for this day forever. Wish I could have been there.

  2. Oh wow! What a special time for you guys.