Monday, August 15, 2011

Auditory Comprehension Explosion!!!

Me:  "Samuel, where's your paci?"
Samuel:  Looks around and spots his paci across the room.  Looks back at me.
Me:  "Can you bring me your paci?"
Samuel:  Looks back at the paci, crawls to get it, stands up, walks over, and places the paci in my hand.

This scene took place two weeks ago on a Monday evening.  Since that day, Samuel's auditory comprehension has skyrocketed.  It's amazing how much he understands now!  When asked, he can bring us his:  duck, ball, paci, block, car, teddy, sheep, and bubbles.  He points to my nose, mouth, and eyes when quizzed.  In sign language, he will tell me that he wants more bubbles.  He waves bye-bye when we are finished playing with a particular toy (ie, "bye-bye bubbles") and of course when someone leaves.  He will tell you that a dog says, "woof, woof" and a cat says "meow."  He suddenly knows how to feed his teddy bear with a spoon and bottle...and also how to give it hugs.

Along with this comprehension, his vocabulary has grown.  Just today we were teaching him that a rooster says, "cock-a-doodle-doo!"  Unbelievably, he learned to say it, then spent the next ten minutes crawling around repeating it to himself.  He's been saying so many new words that I've lost track of them all.  I'm thinking that the word 'NO' will be making it's appearance shortly...but that's ok, I'll take that word too!

He's growing up and I couldn't be happier about it.  Maybe I'll never be the mom who worries that their baby is 'growing up too fast!'  I'll just keep cheering him on...

Keep getting bigger, keep getting stronger, grow Samuel grow!


  1. Go Samuel! Sarah, he is so amazing and such an encouragement to watch.

  2. Wow! That is awesome. I don't know if all preemie parents think that too, but I definitely agree with you. I am not worried about my babies growing up too fast. The time goes so slow in the NICU, and then the whole first year is so challenging with micro-preemies that you can't wait for them to grow and start discovering their world and becoming more independent. It's so much fun to watch Samuel grow through your blog. I feel like I know you guys.