Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Playing


  1. I don't think I realized how many times kids put things in their mouths until I watched this....holy cow! I love how he tried to smash that round thing in the back of his head and then him get all concerned about it going under the couch!! He's fast!!! Goodness! Love it!

  2. Your Samuel looks great! We're still waiting for our Sam's first steps, although he loves to throw a ball and chase it just like your guy. As for size, I read somewhere that it can take until puberty for micropreemies to catch up size-wise, and your guy is a good size for his corrected age. He looks very healthy. Asher has been stuck at 20 lbs for awhile; I think since he's becoming active, it is hard to eat enough. As for bottles, the only reason we pulled Asher's are b/c of his reflux and the formula. He still gets a bottle of pediasure a day, and might for awhile. I freaked about it for a few weeks until I realized that the bottle police weren't going to come banging down our doors. :)