Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day Dad! Samuel Takes Steps!

This weekend I traveled to Houston, TX to see one of my dear friends get married.  It was the first time I had been away from Samuel since our days in the NICU.  We joked that he would probably wait until I was gone to do something big...and boy did he ever!!!! 

This weekend, Sammy-P gave his daddy the biggest Father's Day gift of all....his first steps.  As so beautifully put by Jack's mom in this post, the micro-preemie world is full of many ups and downs.  We are most certainly at the top of the roller coaster right now!  I have waited anxiously for this day for many, many, many months.  I'm so proud...and so amazed.

Go Samuel!!!
Happy Father's Day are a wonderful dad and he is VERY lucky to have you!


  1. What a wonderful Father's Day present. You are now officially the parents of a "Toddler"!!! So glad you got some rest and fun at the wedding. Now that Samuel's walking, you're going to need it!!!!! Love you all!!! Joey

  2. AMAZING!!!!!! BEST Father's Day present EVER!!!! Wow. So awesome. I am super excited for you guys!

  3. Oh Sarah, this is so wonderful, and what a wonderful Fathers Day present. Love you all