Friday, May 20, 2011


I love to celebrate.  Don't you?  We are saying "Adios!" to a few things that we've been DYING to get rid of...

The MOST EXCITING change is being able to say goodbye to Samuel's oxygen.  This is Samuel's nursery before....and after!  Oxygen tank, concentrator, monitor, tubing, and wire free!  It looks so normal that I might cry...

We also said goodbye to Samuel's home health nurse.  Although I never got a picture of them'll have to imagine my joy at being able to 'send her packing' now that her services are no longer needed.

Since coming home in July (9 months ago) we have charted every single ounce of formula that Samuel has swallowed, every spoon of food he has eaten, and every wet and dirty diaper he has made.  No longer.  He is big enough now that it doesn't matter so much.  All I need to know is that he is gaining weight, he is well hydrated, and he is happy.  Bye bye charts!

I have a few changes of my own...



  1. oooooh! what good news, I'm moved and happy for you! and please, post more pics of your cutie

  2. How incredibly exciting! I still don't have my babies' nursery complete. It was not done before they were born (4 months early) and I'm just now, a year later, getting ready to complete it. Samuel's nursery looks so cute, and I am so happy for you. Oh, and I love your new haircut and color. It looks great!

  3. That is such great news! I'm glad that he is doing so well. :)