Monday, November 8, 2010

Million Dollar Babies

I won't have an exact weight on Samuel until Wednesday, but I'm HOPING that he will be about 3oz short of 13lbs. There was some possible weight loss last week - crossing my fingers that it was just a fluke (or the scale messing up!)

Did you know that babies don't understand daylight savings time? Obvious. If you've ever had a kid. I'm learning it all first hand right now. I've learned that you LOSE an hour of sleep either way (in the fall or the spring.) Oh least he's napping during the day now. :)

Speaking of sleep, we've been getting more of it! Samuel consistently sleeps about 4-5 hours at a time during the night now. On very rare occasions, he will sleep 6 hours (like once every two weeks.) Michael and I are loving it - he gets up for one bottle and I get up for the other - in the end we ALMOST get a decent night's sleep. Maybe in another month or two Samuel will be sleeping longer.

This past weekend was our first successful family outing. Michael and I FINALLY figured out how to work as a team - trading off frequently to get things done. We also made our last trip out of the house before cold and flu season really hits. Abbott Baptist Church (my dad's church) dedicated their new sanctuary on Sunday. Michael, Samuel, and I made it down to the church.....popped in and popped out....and made our way home again. To the church family - thank you again for your prayers - sorry we had to keep Samuel at a distance. You've prayed so hard for him and I know you wouldn't want him sick again.

A few days ago, I went through all of Samuel's medical bills and added up the total cost of his hospital stay. The grand total came to $1,049,207.18. (And that doesn't count my 3 days in the hospital, the delivery, or the $15,000 helicopter flight that my insurance won't pay.) I have a million dollar baby. My dad says that the cost of my cancer treatment was about $1,400,000. I'm a million dollar baby that had a million dollar baby....


  1. And you are both priceless!!!! Just seeing you guys Sunday was worth a million dollars. The love on Grandpa's face says it all!! Always praying and sending you love!!

  2. That's what we call my little brother! But as Joey said, your are both priceless!

  3. Y'all are expensive people!! ;)