Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh, How We Grow!

Samuel's adjusted age is 2 months as of September 4th....and he's about the size of a typical newborn. Today he's about 8 lbs. We will know his exact weight on Thursday when we go back to ACH for his check-up. Speaking of which - some prayers would be fantastic!

So here's what's been happening since I last posted an update.....

On the 14th of August, Samuel gave his first smile to Michael. We didn't get another smile until a week later - and yet again, it was to Michael. I got my first smile on the 22nd and since then Samuel's been giving them out several times a day. Most of the time he responds to our voices and not our faces....I'm looking forward to the day when he consistently looks me in the eye and smiles.

He still isn't a fan of a lot of toys...but we are making progress! He's begun to appreciate all of his mobiles - and he likes to swat at things above him. He occasionally will tolerate a rattle. Some of his nurses think that I need to get toys without eyes - maybe the eyes are overstimulating? I'm not sure if I believe that or not, but even if I did - toys of that description are hard to find! I don't even have a rattle without eyes! Anyone have a rattle that their kid loves....and where did you get it?

Samuel made his first intentional noise on August 17th....but hasn't repeated it until today. It's funny how he seems to make leaps then doesn't repeat it for weeks! He's sort of got a 'gah' and an 'ahh' down. I'm THRILLED with this. We weren't sure what he would be able to do because of the damaged vocal cord damage.

To my relief, he is finally sleeping more at night. We have the go-ahead from the pediatrician to let him eat every 3 to 4 hours at night.....and Samuel has taken to that schedule wonderfully. Actually, it's quite difficult to get him awake enough to feed him! The 3 to 4 hours is an improvement - but since we have to hold him up for an hour after he eats, we still aren't getting as much sleep as we would like.

Feeding in general is about the same. He has a few really good days of feeding and then a few really bad days of feeding. A few really good days without reflux. A few really bad days with reflux. He is taking 2.5 ounces every 2.5 hours. We've finally made it to a 'big boy' bottle

Milk Mustache

Speaking of 'big boy' things.....here is his first diaper next to his current diaper. (The first diaper was too big for him when he was born.....everything below the 'Pampers' writing was what fit.) I wish I had thought to keep a preemie diaper so that you could see the stages....he is wearing a newborn diaper now.

Samuel is finally into the smaller of the newborn clothes I have for him. He is skinny and long so it's hard to find clothes that fit. Jessica, my sister in law, bought him some Gerber onesies that fit perfectly. I hear that Carters also fit the more slender babies. I haven't gotten to try on the entire wardrobe to see what works best....obviously Samuel doesn't appreciate playing dress-up.

He still can't keep the pacifier in his mouth and I'm still holding it. The speech therapist said that it could be because of his breathing.....the cannula makes it where he feels like he needs to constantly breathe in - therefore breaking his latch. He has a strong suck so at least we know that it's not a muscle thing.

Michael had Samuel's room almost ready by the time we came home from Childrens...and I've made a few more changes since then. It's a work in progress..... I still have to hang valances and the bookshelf is going to be stained dark. Eventually I'd like to chunk the lazy-boy and get a real rocking chair..... I'm also hoping that I get some square shelving to go underneath each of the windows - I have TONS of childrens books that I'd like out.

As I mentioned earlier, Thursday is Samuel's check-up. I'm hoping for a good report in all areas. He has an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) appointment that morning to check up on his sluggish vocal cord...then he has Medical Home Clinic to check up on everything else. I'd like to think that they will tell us we can take him off the oxygen during the day (or completely.) I hear that it will be an all day appointment. I'm actually looking forward to it.....


  1. wow, what a update...we loved each moment as I read it outloud and would hear Nicky giggle from time to time...you are doing wonderfully...and so is Michael and of course baby Samuel...He is just such a big boy now...Derrek was 8 lb 8 oz when he was born...he has almost caught up with him...reading with lots of excitment...still keep you in our prayers..

  2. Thanks so much for all the updates. I check regularly and get all excited when I see a new one! I continue to keep Samuel in my prayers. Hoping all goes well with his upcoming appointments. Also praying that he will soon come off the oxygen (or rather get rid of his "tether" -- we tease at our house that my dad is "tethered" and you sometimes have to be careful when everone is walking around that feet don't get caught in the air hose...what else can you do but laugh and take a day at a time. :-)
    Give Samuel a hug and a kiss for me.

  3. I really love the colors in Samuel's letters on the wall!!

  4. As a "preemie mom" (mine was only 32 weeks, so it's quite different) I remember the whole toy thing. Andrew would look at some things, but others he didn't care about at all. I think he was about 4 months old (not his adjusted age, just four months from his bday) when he finally grasped a rattle. I think I took about 15 pictures! He was probably about 6-7 months before he even really played with toys. It must just be one of those preemie things, because my full-term daughter was into everything and shaking and playing with toys at 2 or 3 months. And you're right, basically all rattles these days have eyes! I did find some bright starts rattles that are pink and they don't have eyes- they double as a teether- I didn't pay attention to whether or not they had blue!

  5. And perhaps Samuel is more auditorally stimulated or responsive. Maybe music rather than visual triggers ... God makes us all different!

  6. Praying for you all at the appointment today. I hope you are getting great reports. I love the rug in Samuel's room - I don't think I've seen that yet. Maybe I'm just paying more attention to rugs because I'm on the hunt for one for the nursery...Miss you!

  7. Please keep the updates coming. It's so uplifting the hear Samuel doing so well.