Thursday, August 12, 2010

Life As We Know It

Another week away from ACH....that makes week 3 at home!

Samuel's eye appointment yesterday was promising. After a set of drops to dilate his eyes, and a set to numb them, the doctor put on his 'mining hat' (you's got a light at the top that he shines in eyes) and pried open Samuel's eyes. He said that Samuel's eyes look healthy and that they are lining up with each other nicely (apparently being a preemie makes babies more likely to be cross-eyed.) He doesn't have any problems with ROP (retinopathy of prematurity.) He said that most babies at this age are farsighted....Samuel is neutral....meaning that there is a possibility that he will be nearsighted later on. We will just have to pray about that - but I hardly feel that glasses are a big deal.

Getting to the appointment yesterday was a challenge. It's hard to tote Samuel around in his car seat, carry a diaper bag and monitor, and roll a four foot oxygen tank while picking up the oxygen tube that wraps around Samuel's face.....we all have nightmares of accidentally stepping on the cord and hurting him. Makes me shudder. I CANT wait for him to be off of the oxygen.

Samuel's belly is a bit swollen and he's been crying a lot. The nurse came by yesterday to check on him and she felt like he was probably fine. However, she weighed him and he's only gained 3 ounces in a week (he should have gain somewhere between 4-6.) That means that it's back to feeding Samuel every two and a half hours. He likes it better that way but it means less sleep for us. Whatever it takes.

He's going through 'formula' like crazy now days. I'm having to make a batch every 12 hours....
The recipe is:
2 tbs Enfacare
12 oz breast milk
3 packets of Simply Thick (I add an extra blob for good measure)
1 tsp calcium tribasic
THEN twice a day I give him .5ml of multivitamin and half of a Prevacid.
All of this mixed up in a gravy shaker and poured into individual bottles.

I have about a weeks worth of breast milk left (thank goodness that I pumped so much at ACH....) then I'll be switching to formula entirely. I'm hoping that the transition goes smoothly.

Samuel has finally gotten used to the mobile that is attached to his rocker. He also seems to like the mobile that hangs above his pack-n-play. The mobile on his swing......not so much. I never DREAMED that I would have a picky child. Michael and I just aren't that way. But here we are. I hope he outgrows this.

Another thing I hope he outgrows is his hyperactivity. He is rarely in a quiet alert stage...and if he is, then he is working on winding himself up. Being a first time mom, I'm not sure what is normal baby-stuff, what is preemie-stuff, and what is unique to Samuel. I feel like I need a book on him.

I'm trying to decide whether I'm ready for the 'mom-do'.....I'm debating on cutting my hair short. It's become such a pain recently. I can't put Samuel on my shoulder to burp him without pulling my hair out of the way. I can't bend over him without it ending up in his face. My hair seems to make its way into his mouth or his paci (which is just gross.) If it wasn't for the men in my life (ie Michael and my dad) I think I might just chop it all off tomorrow. On the upside, Samuel does seem to enjoy grabbing it....

We are getting a LITTLE more sleep. A few nights of the week, Samuel will sleep during the night.....maybe this is a trend. :)


  1. Oh sweetie, it's preemie stuff. They get over stimulated so so SO easily. I remember finally telling family that we had to limit (just family visitors) in order to keep it peaceful. Calming lights and soft music. We were told no flashing lights on baby toys because it can cause seizures in preemies. I'm so glad his eyes are doing so well. My son had to have eye surgery and is looking at another one possibly. The first one he was to young to remember, but now that he is five I really don't want him to have to go through that. So glad Samuel is doing well.

  2. It's good to hear things are going well. My dad has a smaller oxygen tank that fits in a backpack when he goes out. Is there something like that for Samuel? I know my dad's puts the air out a little differently. It is not a constant flow like his big home machine, but only when he breathes in.

    I am not sure I can picture you with short hair. :-)

    Continuing in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. we love hearing your voice...your doing a great job..we still praying for you :)