Friday, July 16, 2010


Day 120
Weight: 5 lbs 5 oz

The surgery could not have gone better! He was in and out of surgery in about an hour and a half. We never saw him on the ventilator. He came off before we were allowed back in the room. I'm SOOO happy that he didn't spend much time on it. I might have fallen to pieces if I saw him on it again.
The iv is gone. The stitches look great. He is back to eating all of his bottles again. He's sleeping like he's never slept before. (If only he would stop confusing his days and nights!)
Tomorrow I will "room in" with Samuel in one of the NICU rooms. Essentially, I get to do all of Samuel's care just as if we were at home. Then if all goes according to plan, we will go home on Wednesday!!!! The oxygen tank will be delivered to our house on Tuesday - and that night we will be taking the CPR class that we have to have before discharge.
Our last two hurtles are the eye exam on Tuesday and the car seat test (not sure when they will do that.) I'd REALLY like a better result with the eye exam.....

I'm a happy camper.


  1. Praise God!
    Love you guys, continuing to pray!

  2. Fantastic news. You're almost there and even if the car seat doesn't go well the first time it would only be an extra day or two at the most hopefully. So happy for you and hoping the eye exam is what you want. Praise the Lord for his multiple blessings. You are so close after such a long battle.

  3. So Happy for you I am crying. I am so glad his surgery went well and he came off the vent. Can't wait until we have a chance to see him after everyone is settled and can get into a routine. Hopefully he will figure his days and nights out. :-)

  4. Oh Sarah, that is such wonderful news I am about beside myself!!!!! I can only imagine how thrilled you are! Praising God for His wonderful faithfulness and care for you all!! As far as days and nights go...LOL, get used to it, for awhile at least. It may go alot easier once he is home and there is less noise and interuptions and set quiet times. I am so happy for you!!!!

  5. Awesome! Praying for you guys, see you soon hopefully!

  6. So happy for you all! Prayers are being answered!