Thursday, June 3, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Day 76
Weight: 3 lbs 9 oz (not REALLY though....)

I am back in Little Rock now. It's great to see my little man! He didn't look much different despite the fact that he has gained around 4 ounces since I last saw him. He had a pretty good day. His monitor went off but not too often. He is still at 23% oxygen with a 1.5 liter flow.
Samuel gained three ounces in one day. Unfortunately he probably didn't REALLY gain it. Dr. Arrington thinks that he was retaining fluid he increased the diuretics (ie Lasix.) Another step back, but hopefully a temporary one. Samuel says, "What more do you want from me people?! First I wasn't gaining I'm gaining too much!"
I had expected to come back to the hospital to find Samuel's isolette at room temperature. I've been told for weeks and weeks that when babies reach 3 lbs 5 oz they are dressed in clothes. Apparently they can only be turned to room temperature via doctors orders. Carolyn thinks that Dr. Arrington may wait for a week or two before putting in that order so Samuel can focus more on weight gain than regulating his body temp. As disappointing as it is to wait, I want what's best for Samuel. Slow and steady wins the race.
There was a little less fluid coming up out of Samuel's OG tube today! I like good news. Don't you?
Still praying for a "healthy, normal, beautiful baby...." - the prayer that Michael and I began to pray almost 8 months ago now. I'd like to think that we weren't specific enough about the time frame. Maybe we should have prayed for a "healthy, normal, beautiful, FULL TERM baby." Honestly, God's time frame is better anyway.....

but maybe a little harder.....

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