Sunday, May 23, 2010

Potentially Wonderful

Day 66
Weight: 3 lbs 1 oz

Samuel has had a good weekend. He is very stable with the flow at .5 liters. His monitors hardly beeped at all. It was WONDERFUL.
Today he has been very restless and has been crying a lot. It makes me worried that maybe he is sick or that he isn't feeling well. His belly looked a little swollen when I left this evening too. I'm praying that it isn't anything and that his restlessness today is just that....restlessness. It's hard to know what is normal baby activity and what is something unusual. He is changing so rapidly that when I think I know something about him, it turns out that I don't. I suppose that I am most concerned about him having the bowel perforation again. I pray about it more than anything else.
Samuel lost a little weight today - and that's probably because of the two massive diapers he made last night. It's awesome that he is still making poopy diapers on his own without help. Tonight will be the first night that they try NOT giving Samuel the harsh diuretic called Lasix. It would be great if it turned out that Samuel no longer needed it. We will know by the morning how he does.
Dr. Arrington comes back tomorrow and I'm sure he will have plenty of changes to make. It's hard when another doctor takes his place for a week or two because their plan-of-action may not be what he had in mind. Then, once Dr. Arrington gets things going his way, another doctor comes on and changes it around again. I'm surprised they get anything accomplished! It will be nice when he comes back on though....I am more comfortable with him than any of the other doctors. With him being gone, I also don't know much about how Samuel's x-rays have looked. I'm hoping to find out more tomorrow. They must not be concerned about his blood tests or his x-rays because the doctor this weekend decided that Samuel only needed them twice a week instead of every other day.
I'm thankful to those of you who tell me that you are still praying. I worry since things are looking better, Samuel won't be prayed for as often. I'm happily proven wrong every time one of you sends a message saying that you're still praying. He is going to need your prayers until the day he comes home from the hospital. Every day is something new and scary.....and potentially wonderful. :)


  1. My mom was so excited when she checked and saw that Samuel was now 3lbs. Our prayers have never stopped as we understand the struggle that little Samuel is going well as his mom and dad. Although Samuel has jumpedmany hurdles, there are still many more for him to jump. We continue in our faith in the Lord and the miracles that can happen through the power of prayer. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do.

  2. We will not stop praying until Samuel is healthy enough for us to play with. We are praying and have many friends who pray for him as well. Have a good week.

  3. Ok, you 2 little movie stars, yep, we got to see ya on the big screan sunday...and yep me and Rachael cryed like was so good just to hear your voice..I miss that! but now when I read I think of your voice telling me about Samuel again and again...It the mommy voice Sarah, when you speak with such patience and anticipation and concern and hope all in the same breath...I love the thought of the new hope we have "coming home" wow....just like yesterday we were just praying for tomorrow to happen and now we are at 3 lbs...Samuel is kinda like a household word around here...He is in all our conversations and yes in everyone of my Sunday School lessons...He is teaching with me, because I learn from him each day...Love ya girl. Samuel is so beautiful...thanks again for the new pics.

  4. Oh Sarah, know that none of us has stopped praying for you. Never feel like you are going through this alone. That child is meant to be with us. We can't wait to get him home. I just wish he was able to come home now. The picture is so cute. His arms are looking more like what a newborn's arms look like. You can see the meat starting to show on them. :) That is suppose to be a good thing. :) We love you.

  5. We're praying, girl...don't you worry about that! It is great that you give us specifics to pray for too! I love that.

    And from the pictures, he really seems like he's growing and changing so much, so it's great to pray him through all these different phases.

    We love ya'll, and we'll keep praying away!

  6. Sarah,
    I've been checking your blog and praying daily since Samuel was born, but I've never commented until today. I'm so happy to hear better news for your little man, and I, too, really appreciate knowing what I can specifically pray for as things change for you guys daily. Keep up the blogs! Please know that your family is always in our prayers!

    Audrey Grenier

  7. I pray for you every morn I signed up for 30 min!